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Tip #40 – Evaluate your provider

Evaluate your R&D credit provider, they may not be the expert you expect them to be.


Tip #32 – Simplify your request

Simplify your request to improve response time.


Tip #23 – Start with the documents

Start your R&D credit analysis by reviewing your documents since they contain most of the information you will need.


Tip #22 – Read every page

Read the full document before you either discard it as not useful or include it in an R&D credit report as useful.


Tip #21 – Don’t follow SALY, she’s no leader!

Don’t follow SALY, she’ll lead you down a path of bad habits and missed opportunity.


Tip #17 – Ask SMEs to validate

Ask SMEs to validate information rather than create information. This simplifies the task, improves attitudes, and results in higher credits.