Tip #36 – Cultivate an automation mindset

Do you dream of a finely tuned business operation that practically runs on autopilot? Begin today to cultivate an automation mindset within yourself and among your team members.

Have you considered implementing R&D credit software tools but you’re worried that the software might not replicate your current process perfectly?

While automation can certainly help to standardize your processes and free up valuable time, obtaining the benefits of automation requires a shift in your thinking. Success requires that you cultivate an automation mindset. Developing and nurturing this mindset throughout your team becomes the foundation for employee buy-in and success.

SPRX R&D Credit Tip – Begin today to cultivate an automation mindset within yourself and among your team members.

What is automation

Automation is the application of technology to perform a task with minimal human interaction.

Automation and technology are such broad terms that we need to narrow our scope for purposes of this discussion. Let’s focus on cognitive automation for a minute.

Cognitive automation is the use of automation technologies such as artificial intelligence (“AI”), advanced algorithms, and text analytics to streamline and enhance the decision-making process. Simply stated, professionals make better decisions faster when they are assisted by cognitive automation technologies.

Little + Little = A Lot

A common mistake is thinking that you need a large automation to drive benefits. The secret is understanding that automating many small tasks is more effective than automating one large task. This is especially true with business decision automation because of the role professional experience plays into effective decision making.

An experienced business professional brings a wealth of practical experience to the decision-making process. However, the professional can’t operate in a vacuum.  The professional must have data and information first, before she can apply her professional experience.

Automating little tasks such as extracting data, structuring data, analyzing documents, etc. are the little tasks that drive large benefits. When teams automate these little tasks, the professionals have more time to spend making the important decisions.

A New Mindset

Look for tasks to automate.

This may sound simple, but it is a challenge for the most experienced professionals. You may have spent an entire career following the same analysis process, using the same spreadsheets, and defending your actions. You may be operating on autopilot after performing the same tasks the same way for many years.

Start taking notes of the specific tasks you (or your team) perform each day. What reports do you run, what spreadsheet modifications do you make, what information do you rely on to perform your tasks? In a short period of time, you will start to see the small tasks that most of your time.

Then, start automating these small, recurring, tedious tasks.

Enjoy the Journey

Automation is a journey. New technologies that create new opportunities are developed every day.  Continuous improvement is the key to remaining relevant and competitive.

As you cultivate your automation mindset you will accelerate and compound your success.

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