New R&D Credit Technology

Other providers take a big bite of your credit

It’s time to evolve your process by using technology to eliminate bottlenecks, reduce time, and lower costs. Whether you have claimed credits in the past or just beginning the process, technology is the path forward.

What we do, and how it will help you

We compute your available federal and state tax credits in a matter of days rather than months.
Full Report
You receive a full report with all the analysis memos, document index, schedules and all tax forms needed to file your credits.
Audit Support
Audit support provided by our IRS controversy experts is included.
Tax Form Schedules
The report includes all the new Form 6765 tax schedules that will soon be required filing with your return.
Timely Delivery
Our technology automates over 80% of the manual tasks the other providers spend months performing which allows us to deliver your final full report with your number.
It's time to evaluate your R&D process
Many qualifying businesses are still relying on outdated practices to claim the R&D Tax Credit.

Download our efficiency evaluation to see if you could be saving time and money.

We have advanced technology to help you

Our technology automates 80% of the R&D credit tasks.

First, your personalized data space allows you to upload your data directly onto our portal. Next, AI models review all your data and predict credit calculations before we’ve interrupted any of your team. Afterwards, streamlined surveys allow employees to validate the predictions in a matter of minutes rather than hour long interviews. Finally, your full report will be prepared in days not months.

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Technology is only useful if it helps you evolve your processes.

Our team is eager to meet with you, understand your current bottlenecks, and show you how technology can help you move forward. Whether you’re filing your first R&D credit or you’ve been filing for years, it’s time for technology.

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We’ve done this before; we will help you too.

genuine feedback

“Not only did we get a more streamlined process, which significantly reduced the time our team spent on this, but SPRX also took proactive measures to lower our fees from our original service provider.”

Rob Lewis
Director of Finance, Utah Yamas Controls
genuine feedback

“Their attention to detail and precision ensured that the final numbers for our tax return were accurate and delivered in a timely manner. This level of reliability and professionalism is a testament to SPRX's commitment to client success.”

Oswaldo Echenique
Vice President Global Tax, Alcora Corporation

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SPRX Provide Full R&D Credit services?
We’re a one stop shop R&D provider that will compute your credit, prepare a report, and assist in IRS audit exams. What sets us apart from all other providers, we utilize advanced technology to automate 80% of the R&D credit tasks. We use our technology to save you time.
Will my data be secure?
Our software is developed and hosted on US soil at all times. Additionally SPRX is SOC II compliant. You choose what data to upload into your company specific, secure dataspace. We do not save data than longer is necessary to compute your credit.
Will my team have to learn new software?
No. We recognize that tax teams don't always have time to stop and learn new software. For this purpose SPRX has built an operations team which will manage your data and operate the software, thus eliminating any training needs on your end.
As a tech company, does SPRX have R&D Credit experts?
Yes! Our tax team has over 40 years of experience with the R&D tax credit rules. Including Mark Andrus who for 30 years lead the R&D credit team at Grant Thornton LLP. Having been founded on industry expertise, we continue to stay current on R&D Credit industry matters.
Will SPRX require me to collect different data?
SPRX uses the same data that you have been using in the prior years. At a minimum we will need employee wage data and a project list. However we can also accommodate project time tracking, research documentation, or anything else you might have.
Am I too big or too small to use SPRX?
Whether you are a new start up, or Fortune 500 SPRX technology can help you. Our client list includes all sizes of companies in multiple industries. We have found that all companies enjoy reducing interviews, eliminating bottlenecks, and saving money.
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