Technology Gives You a New R&D Credit Experience

Four easy steps to create your R&D credit report. We do the heavy lifting with you

Step 1: Gather Data

We will create a “Data Space” for your project and send you a link to this secure site.

From your data space you will be able to

• Invite others in your organization to upload data

• Review the list of required documents

• See what has been uploaded but not view or download sensitive data

Watch how the Data Space can help

Step 2: AI Predictions

Once you have loaded your files, our data specialists will extract the necessary project, employee, and costing information and run that data through several AI models that have been trained to perform R&D credit tasks
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Step 3:Validation

We work with your team to validate the information prepared by the AI models. We replace tedious, time consuming interviews with simple personalized surveys sent to each employee.

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Validation options include:

We can send surveys through SPRX to every employee who has been identified with qualified research time, or to department heads or team leaders for the members in their team.
We can review the predicted percentages through one on one conversation with selected individuals i.e. department heads, the engineering team, or new employees hired since last year.
If you have another preferred internal method of validation we are happy to help with that where we can.

Step 4: Interactive Report

Our clients have access to an interactive report that you can access through our portal. Executive reports, documentation, and business intelligence right at your fingertips.
Executive Report

View your complete R&D Credit report with all the analysis memos, document index, schedules and proforma tax forms your tax preparer needs to file your credits

Data Visualization

Review your findings with large, colorful easy to digest charts and graphs. See where your largest savings are found.

AI Assistant

Interact with your report using our virtual AI assistant. Interrogate your data with questions about departments, employees, projects and more

SPRX does the heavy lifting with you

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