Bringing Tech to Taxes

The Story of SPRX
Meet Dominic Vitucci and Mark Andrus, the visionary minds behind SPRX. These two individuals joined forces after a serendipitous encounter that set the stage for a groundbreaking venture in the R&D Tax Credit industry.

Dominic was always poised to disrupt the tax industry. To get the required hours for the CPA, he decided to study both accounting and computer science. With two degrees in hand, Dominic started his career as integral part of the Grant Thornton Tax Innovation team.

Throughout his tenure, he had the unique opportunity to interact with firm experts, each sharing their ambitious visions for cutting-edge technologies. In August 2020, inspired by these encounters, he made the bold decision to leave Grant Thornton and devote himself full-time to building a truly innovative R&D credit technology.

Mark, armed with a master degree from BYU, started his career at Coopers & Lybrand. Early in his career, he joined the first R&D credit team, making him a pioneer in the industry.

As a seasoned expert with a wealth of knowledge, Mark served as the Grant Thornton Global Leader of R&D Credits for twenty-five years. Over his three-decade career, Mark has represented thousands of clients during IRS exams, appeals, and mediations, helped draft the current R&D credit rules, and filed over $1.7 billion in R&D credits.

As destiny would have it, in 2021, Dominic learned that Mark was preparing to retire from Grant Thornton. Recognizing this incredible opportunity, Dominic reached out to Mark and shared his ambitious plans for SPRX. Impressed by Dominic’s drive and innovative vision, Mark couldn’t resist the allure of bringing tech the R&D credit industry.

The Sales Team
Lon O'Connor
Vice President of Sales
Missy Waites
Director of Channel Partnerships
Hillary Dubé
Business Development Manager
Kemar Miller
Business Development Manager
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Business Development Manager
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Channel Partnership Analyst